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Highlights from Planting Summit 09

February 6, 2009


So here is a bit of a summary of some key highlights from the SUMMIT that may be helpful to you….

1. Tom Nebel’s “8 Environmental Risks” to a church plant. Tom has a tremendous grasp of the issues that can tank a plant and that are often not weighted carefully. Contact the Regional office if you would like a copy of the assessment tool.

2. Some great web sites for resources including… or all worth a look regularly.

3. Andre Daley and Dave Kools presentation on community development. Key concept….outreach is out, withreach is in. Get “with” it! Andre and Dave will be hosting a full day on community development JUNE 15th stay tuned for details.

4.  Preparing to Parent Qualitative Assessment….a usable tool to explore the presence of key values predictive of a parenting congregation.   Contact the Region for a copy.

5. Stats….130 in attendance, 6 churches represented who have never daughtered and were present with 3 or more people exploring, 45 planters and spouses, great late night movie run to see Clint Eastwood one more time!, many new relationships and some great old ones too!

thanks to everyone who made this experience a hit!