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$500.00 GRANTS FOR 2009!

November 24, 2008

Saturday I sat with a hand full of senior men who represent a little known group….Christian Men Supporting Church Planting.   They have existed since the mid 1940’s for the purpose of supporting new church starts through prayer and finances.  We met to exchange a check that will be disbursed in grants to planters.

Here is how to receive your $500.00 (one per new church in the Great Lakes Region).

1.  Register for the Regional Planters Summit at Camp Geneva contact by January 9

2.  Draft a one page or paragraph proposal of how you will use the grant with a simple budget.   Need not be long but needs to be a new outreach effort with general costs.

3.  Submit the following data before January 9 to :

a.  Number of adult baptisms in the history of your plant

b. Number of professions of faith in the history of your plant

c. Average worship attendance.

I hope I can write a check for your plant!