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November 4, 2008

The weekend was a bumper yield in the planter movement.

Mosaic Life celebrated the 4th year together with an announced vision to add a new worship venue and develop a second congregation several miles from their East town location into downtown GR. Andre Daley is setting the leadership teams and has anchored the location. Mosaic could have moved from East town to a larger space but the local business leaders begged otherwise. Very cool…Mosaic has developed a stellar reputation in the community! So they multiply….! Go get em Andre.

Meanwhile, Hugo Vasquez has been planting Alas de Aguila in Holland for the last 2 years and is now seeking to add a second congregation in Wyoming MI to reach growing Hispanic numbers there. The second service will seed a new congregation that will eventually call a pastor and move ahead. Go get em Hugo!

And then there is the case of Rich Reinstra. Two years ago Rich began the process with the Department of Corrections in Michigan to set an unprecedented mark in planting a prison congregation. Last night 40 men gathered for their launch service. Inmates led the praise team….inmates led the prayers and confession of faith….inmates demonstrated their ownership and Rich spoke the Word. We all watched in wonder as a remarkable new church was born….forerunner to dozens more we hope! Go get em Rich.

It is a very good time to be in the planting game!