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$500.00 GRANTS FOR 2009!

November 24, 2008

Saturday I sat with a hand full of senior men who represent a little known group….Christian Men Supporting Church Planting.   They have existed since the mid 1940’s for the purpose of supporting new church starts through prayer and finances.  We met to exchange a check that will be disbursed in grants to planters.

Here is how to receive your $500.00 (one per new church in the Great Lakes Region).

1.  Register for the Regional Planters Summit at Camp Geneva contact by January 9

2.  Draft a one page or paragraph proposal of how you will use the grant with a simple budget.   Need not be long but needs to be a new outreach effort with general costs.

3.  Submit the following data before January 9 to :

a.  Number of adult baptisms in the history of your plant

b. Number of professions of faith in the history of your plant

c. Average worship attendance.

I hope I can write a check for your plant!



November 14, 2008

By now you have probably picked up on the upcoming planter connection in January.   Here are some details:

Location….Camp Geneva

Cost….Free…yes, you read that correctly and that is no reflection on the quality!

Child care….still working on that but likely for infants



Presenters….Tom Nebel and Gary Rohrmayer.    So here is the skinny on these two guys….

Together Tom and Gary are authors of perhaps the most popular church planting book Church Planting Landmines.   Bring your copy for an autograph and then sell it on the black market to finance your upcoming budget shortfall!   They are also leaders of a worldwide planting movement called CONVERGE WORLDWIDE.   They are authors of over 5 planting books….have degrees from Fuller and other esteemed institutions that take your money….have worked up close with 100’s of church plants across the USA and, perhaps most importantly have first had experience in planting when they were rookies wet behind the ears.   In fact, rumor has it that Tom was the first church planter from Gary’s parent church in Wisconsin and that Gary’s church voted to pay him $50.00 per week as a show of their generous support.  Gulp.  Needless to say, since then they have barely tolerated one another.  But we paid them enough to come together for our retreat to pour some of their quirky humor and wisdom into us.  It’ll be fun.

You should have gotten an electronic brochure by now….but if not, email and we will get that out…and then RSVP to the same person who will not take any money from you.   Really!   This event is free!



November 4, 2008

The weekend was a bumper yield in the planter movement.

Mosaic Life celebrated the 4th year together with an announced vision to add a new worship venue and develop a second congregation several miles from their East town location into downtown GR. Andre Daley is setting the leadership teams and has anchored the location. Mosaic could have moved from East town to a larger space but the local business leaders begged otherwise. Very cool…Mosaic has developed a stellar reputation in the community! So they multiply….! Go get em Andre.

Meanwhile, Hugo Vasquez has been planting Alas de Aguila in Holland for the last 2 years and is now seeking to add a second congregation in Wyoming MI to reach growing Hispanic numbers there. The second service will seed a new congregation that will eventually call a pastor and move ahead. Go get em Hugo!

And then there is the case of Rich Reinstra. Two years ago Rich began the process with the Department of Corrections in Michigan to set an unprecedented mark in planting a prison congregation. Last night 40 men gathered for their launch service. Inmates led the praise team….inmates led the prayers and confession of faith….inmates demonstrated their ownership and Rich spoke the Word. We all watched in wonder as a remarkable new church was born….forerunner to dozens more we hope! Go get em Rich.

It is a very good time to be in the planting game!