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Lewin Force Field Analysis

October 22, 2008

What are the inhibiting and enhancing factors in your plant?

If it’s time to look at your progress in planting you may be helped by an exercise that gives insight. The Lewin force field analysis can be helpful. Start by listing all the factors that enhance your ministry. Give them weight…say 1-5. Then list the factors that inhibit your ministry and weight them. Understand that your ministry is perfectly calibrated to give you exactly what you are getting (from a human perspective). Your work is to either reduce your inhibitors or increase your enhancements. If that takes place you will move the force field ahead.

The key with the Lewin analysis exercise is to do this in a group environment with your ministry leaders. This can accelerate buy in and appreciation for the inhibitors and enhancers that you deal with on a daily basis. As the group gains insight, you create alignment around diagnosis and strategic next steps. It helps you move everyone forward together toward a solution.

Status quo is never a good time for a planter. Try this tool next time you are with your oversight or ministry team.


NEVER A DULL MOMENT…news and notes in the Great Lakes Region

October 16, 2008

The pot is always cooking and stirring in our shared planting efforts. So here are some of the latest…

1. A person has stepped forward wanting to explore a second prison congregation at Ionia. The Department of Corrections has already welcomed the first in the state and RCA pastor Rich Reinstra is taking the lead in that one. Now number 2 is on the horizon!

2. I was approached recently by an individual interested in planting a singles congregation in town. OK…someone wondered if it would be called Eharmony Reformed. Bad joke! Actually, this individual has been a leader of a large singles ministry in a local church for some years and feels that there is potential in this area to tap into a very large singles community that does not appreciate the west Michigan church scene.

3. A new simple church network (we already have two!) is emerging in northern Michigan and Mason County. Randy is the emerging leader there and Mason County Reformed the parent. Innovations in the north country!

4. Kensington Community Church in Troy is incubating a new baby for us….Paul Bradford is there as we write and will launch in 2009! Even more cool….Kensington wants to partner with us for another new start. Prospective planters…start lining up!

4. New plants are sprouting in Allegan (Roger Bird), Portage (Dave Bruininks), Kzoo (Nate Bull and Keith Platte), Holland (Don DeVlieger), Wyoming (Hugo Vasquez), Allendale (Troy Nanninga)….!

5. First Reformed in Holland is moving toward a plant in the South end of town.

6. Last I counted there are over 20 churches in the Region that have potential to parent. Is something in the drinking water around here?

7. Our upcoming PLANTERS SUMMIT is scheduled for the last weekend of January 2009 at Camp Geneva with Gary Rohrmayer and Tom Nebel…the Landmines authors. More to come.

Never a dull moment!



October 6, 2008

Thursday October 9th Lighthouse Full Life Center in Grand Rapids will be hosting the Governors Office of Community and Faith Based Initiatives and the Department of Labor and Economic Growth for a free informational seminar on how to enhance communities through micro enterprising, housing, foreclosure prevention and more.   The event is titled PARTNERING WITH STATE and FEDERAL AGENCIES TO MOVE COMMUNITIES FORWARD.   To register at no cost contact 616-241-5448.

Lighthouse Center is at 670 Burton.  The event runs from 12:30 pm til 4:00 pm



October 3, 2008

Here is for all you news junkies and rca types who track planting progress….

1.  Mission Detroit is off dead center with Paul Bradford landing this month in the metro working with Kensington Community Church.  Paul is leaning into discerning a lot of first steps…location, strategy etc…and comes with great experience and energy (try keeping up with this guy for a day or so!)

2.  Other new starts are churning….New Vintage (hiccup) with Dave Bruinicks in Kzoo,  Vanguard with Nate Bull and Keith Platte in Kzoo,  Roger Bird in Allegan,  Skyline with Don DeVlieger in Zeeland, Troy Nanninga in Allendale with Elevation.

3.  Just around the corner….First Holland is about to birth, Randy Boerma will pull the trigger in Mason County next year, Wyoming is shaping up with Grace getting serious about planting, other prospects are beginning to push forward around the Region but we are sworn to secrecy still….(this secret stuff can get to feeling weird).

4.  PLANTER PARENT SUMMIT….January 24-26 2009 at Camp Geneva with Tom Nebel and Gary Rohermayer ….they are the guys who wrote the Landmines book.  Stay tuned for details.

5. Fund Development shift….we are working hard to raise new dollars for planting around the region.  We will need about 12 million to do the next 45 plants.   This is half way point of our call and the “old dollars” are drying up.  There is plenty of new cash however if we tell the story well and to the right people!   Whoa!

There is all the news fit to print….call someone else for the dirty details!