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September 29, 2008

Church planters need to be coached.

Good coaching is not about controlling or leading.  It’s about building a trust relationship where the planter can think aloud about the plant process they are working with accountability.

Who should do this?

Bob Logan has recommended the following list of qualities that predict a good coach.

1.  Good character including loyalty, shared vision and values.

2.  Respected by other leaders

3. Empower others for ministry

4. Teachable spirit

5. Have proven the ability to lead and multiply a ministry

6. Have the ability to listen and care.

7. Have the ability to strategize, train, challenge and confront.

On OCTOBER 20th the Great Lakes Region will be offering coach training from 9:00 til 3:30.   If you are interested please contact


BEER, BRATS and the BOYS: How I got saved last Saturday.

September 22, 2008

Here is a miserable truth be told…I had lost touch with some real men.


While I was not eaten alive by church meetings I had given away all my free time to relationships with God’s good people.   What’s not to love about that?   Alot.

So on Saturday when my son turned 16 and we picked tix to a the Spartan Notre Dame game I was so focused on his big day that I paid little attention to the 4 other guys (two dads and lads) that were joining our party.   Our connection….all our boys play football for the local HS team….that’s as deep as it went. Together we piled into the van and headed to East Lansing and the premier event…the tailgate.  Lots of beer, brats and very bad breath.  Yup.  Then the after thought….the game.  It was too hot and too tight.  But victory was sweet.

Afterward, more tailgate.   Rum and Coke was the adult beverage of choice at this point.  And birthday cake for all six of us.   Then in the van for the trip home.   All told we had 9 hours of male bonding and the parting words were all about our next planned experience.   Sure we talked about being dads and other male stuff.   They even dropped a couple references to church.  I didn’t take the bait.  Maybe next time.

Somewhere in all that foul odor, grease, sweat and yelling I got redeemed.   Set free from church to be with the guys and work on some overdue friendships.  It was great…I loved it.

So guys….and ladies….don’t miss this stuff.   It could be just what you needed.



September 19, 2008

Chad called me on Wednesday

Like other WTS students he is exploring being a church planter but not really sure if the systems or means are going to work for him.  Seminary was headache enough!

Monday September 22nd from noon til 1 planters and planter wannabes will gather for pizza and conversation on the 6th floor of the library at WTS for open discussion on church planting.

Interested?   RSVP with  or just show up.  There should be plenty of food.



September 15, 2008

33 plants and counting!

Since 2003 the Great Lakes Region has seen 33 new congregations planted.   Far from cookie cut, these projects are each one of a kind with unique leadership and unique challenges.

47 plants and counting!

By 2014 our hope would be that 47 more new starts will come “on line” to reach unique people groups across the region.   To do that we will need more coaches!   A coach is a person who comes alongside the planter to help them work their process in planting.   Far from being a know it all…a coach helps a planter clarify action in the fog of the battle.

If you are interested in being a coach to a church planter we would love to invest in your training.   The first step is Basic Coach Training which can be found through the offices of Roger Price or Vicky Menning.   Then add to that Planter Coach Training at the Regional Offices October 2oth.   Contact to register!



September 5, 2008

That’s right…Alan will be in town (GR) to speak on missional church from 10 til noon at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminiary auditorium.   The best way to access that is off of Leonard St. near the Beltline N.E.

“Who is Alan Hirsch?”   OK, clear the decks and be there!  You’re overdue.  Meanwhile check out