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Where did we find you? Or did you find us?

July 30, 2007

In my recent journey to Chicago and the midwest emergent conference I had an objective.   I am sure some attendees at that event could see the drool streaming from my mouth as I surveyed the crowd.   Planter prospects!   Here is a whole group of starters!   Sure, they do all kind of wear the same uniform (flip flops etc.) but that’s ok.     What counts is that they are dreamers and doers.   I dove into the crowd and posted a message really expecting to find prospects for new start plans in Michigan.     No such luck.  I quickly discovered that these folks are inbedded in ministries such that they are not looking for work.   Most good people aren’t.   

There are immediate opportunities for planters in the Great Lakes Region.   We network with seminaries, job listings and agencies to find names.   Fact are this is a very limited search method.   I am often amazed at the power of the informal network.      I am also encouraged at the open attitude in the RCA.    Outsiders (I count myself as one) are encouraged to join.   The commissioned pastor track is working (Jeff Elzinga is our first CP church planter and is doing great work in Robinson Twp!) such that the door is open for new pathways into ministry.    In some cases new leaders are growing up from within (this one really depends on the attitude of the senior minister who is not threatened by new gifted leaders).    So lend a hand if you can….   Our planter network is growing and perhaps you know a name that we could help connect to an opportunity.     Seems that those leaders who waiting for a chance to plant have come forward and been deployed.    Now we are facing a need for the next wave.   Here is the prayer……..Leaders…Lord give us leaders!